I'm seeking information on progressing with a HB with a bf/ that you've already f-closed and established a somewhat relationship with. (ie. sneeking around bf back to for sex.) What is done in these circumstances to ensure we get the results we are looking for?, when her bf is out of the picture.

Did f-closing her already put these events in motion,? its obv her head is messed up and she having a tough battle with herself trying to decide what to do, i can freeze out for a few days she always comes back 2 days max, The feelings and attration is there. Although sex has only been the last few weeks shes been emotionally attached for about 6 months now. She will freeze me out, when she does this I can wait her out. Shes freeze me trying to get a hold of herself (i think), no sex the last couple days, i know the guilt is in her mind for sneeking around. does anyone have insight with this sort of deal?

I'm sure this is an generic sitch that others have questons on also i cant seem to find a post on this any links?