Okay so this is my first post because I need some help. My friends aren't much help and it is frustrating the hell out of me wondering on what I should do.

So here is the situation.

I met this girl on facebook through another friend and started talking to her a few weeks ago. We got on pretty well and were joking around and everything. I saw her at a club not long after that and kissed her that night and she gave me her number and said text me.

So the next couple days I texted her nearly all day and she was replying just as much. Then about a week later the texts turned into not much, and the facebook conversations followed pretty much the same way. I always initiated and sometimes they would flow well but other times it was a struggle.

She works at a local bar that I go to a bit and over the last few weeks I have been there 3 times and the first two times I would try and talk to her a lot and flirt a bit. I would get it back a bit but even if i texted her that night or the next day it would result in nothing good and still, she wouldn't text first.

I decided to freeze her out and didn't speak to her at all for about a week and a half and then on Friday went to the bar with friends. I didn't look at her or speak to her at all and then when she walked past a couple times she poked me and then at the bar i ordered a drink, put the money on the bar and was talking to my friend facing the other way. It seemed to go well. Still no text or anything though.

I just spoke to her on fb chat tonight to ask her something straight forward about another friend not trying to start a convo and it ended in her joking around saying I was rude on Friday night. I thought that might mean I got her attention at least.

So my question is do I just forget about her because it is too much trouble? Or do I try something else? (I think I may know the answer to it but need another trained opinion )