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    Default I farked up and having major regret now

    During the holidays, I was back in a small town and bored between Christmas and New Years. I tried Craigslist for the first time and answered an ad posted by a 23 year old looking to hang out and hookup. She was also visiting home and was similarly bored.

    Turns out that she was a well-educated knockout and we had some friends in common. Should have been easy as pie, but I found a way to fark it up. Rather than rent an $80 hotel room before meeting, I decided to meet and then see whether she was still DTF after meeting.

    Once we met, we really hit it off, but rather than bouncing to a waiting hotel room, we wasted time getting coffee, talking, and then grabbing drinks. By that point, we were getting into heavy kino, but I had waited too long and the spark was gone. By the time I suggested we get a room (3+ hours after meeting), it was too late and she wanted to go home.

    We talked later and she told me that we would have farked if I had moved her to a private place ASAP after meeting. She lives in a city 600 miles away and invited me to visit back in January but has since found a boyfriend there. So I've basically given up on ever seeing her again.

    Guys, the regret is absolutely killing me. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I got carried away with how cool she was and worrying about a small financial risk, rather than focusing on the task at hand. I keep playing that night over and wishing that I had gotten the hotel room and brought her there right away.

    This will be a lesson for me... when in doubt, be aggressive and take the risk. But goddamn it, it was a hard lesson to learn.

    How do you all deal with regret in a case like this? I blew it when presented with a sure thing. I get that it would only have been one night of fun, but if you'd met her, you'd see why I'm so pissed at myself.
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    Default Re: I farked up and having major regret now

    Dude this kind of thing happens to all of us. If I kept reminiscing all the missed opportunities iv had I would be crying my self to sleep at night lol.

    You have to keep practicing and as you get better it will come more natural and opportunities like that wont be missed because ul know whats best to do and how to play it.

    The worst thing to do is beat your self up about it, think of it as a learning curve.

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