I just recently joined a ballroom dance club. They're cool people and we get along quite well. They said I'm a quick learner and a good dancer, and they invited me to be a part of their production. There's also a few cute girls there, and I need some help on how to proceed.

I see these people for a limited period of time a few times a week, and we're usually working on our routine. We sometimes hang out afterwards, and I see a few of them around on campus. There are two cute girls that I'd like to game.

I'm not used to this sort of setup. I'm seeing them for a set amount of time each week, and we're usually working on our dance, these are people that I will and am getting to be good friends with, despite the limited amount of time. It seems like it could be really easy to get friend-zoned with the girls if I'm not especially careful in significantly raising my value. But how can I do that over a series of time-limited encounters? What is the best way to go about seducing girls if the only way you can game them is over a longer period time?