some background: a week ago i was set up on a date with a girl at my school. we got along really well, and had another dinner a couple days ago. we're both interested, both by my own observation and according to mutual friends.

last night, we were both at the same party. it was pretty crowded, but we talked and danced a little. at the end of the night she was with her crowd of friends and i was with mine, and it was pretty clear that we were both hanging around waiting for each other. i froze (i think because i'm still getting used to approaching groups, especially since they were her friends), and didn't make a move, even though i should have and i'm now kicking myself a little. normally, i wouldn't be too worried about it and just keep flirting with her when i see her on campus, but the problem is that we're on break next week, so i won't see her for a little while.

i want to make sure i maintain her interest. am i overthinking this? i don't really know where to go from here, other than to hope that she's still interested after break and isn't too put off because i didn't make a move. thoughts?