I met her when i was visiting my father, we only met 2 times the 2nd time we had sex, then i came home i live far away from her but she was texting me every single day, all kinds of interest, we skyped about everyday and i never had to do a thing it was all incoming..... I said I would see her sometime this month, its not that far away and she seemed excited, but lately she has been cold, i got drunk and got pissed off at her because she was doing stuff when i talked to her, now things between u have gotten cold, she still texts but she is very cold, will insult me, even when i try to be cocky and funny she shoots me down, I think maybe i showed way to much availibility idk, the last time i talked to her i said jokingly jeeze this is why im not gonna see you and she said fine i dont care. what should i do, if i freeze out i know she will text or call or something but its been negative and nothing im really enjoying, im not even wanting to go see her, how can i turn this around get her back to trying to get my good attention, being sexual etc.