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    Default When you want a girl so bad - I have to escalate with her!

    There is this girl I work with that I know likes me, but has a long term, long distance boyfriend, though she has cheated on him. She has even recently split up with him and got back together, so I know that relationship is doomed to fail. Now I realise this girl is clearly not relationship material but it is something I really need to get out of my system. She is almost a oneitis, and itís only because I know I could never trust her if I was in a relationship with her, that she isnít a oneitis.

    We email each other at work loads, talk a lot, loads of kino etc. She has kissed me on the lips (couple of seconds at most though) a few times in the last few weeks on the odd night out after work when she is drunk. In fact, last Friday she not only gave me another peck on the lips, but when I accidentally spilt a bit of my drink on her arm while dancing, she told me to lick it off. She then made me stick my tongue out and moved her arm along my tongue. She did this while I was on the dance floor with work colleagues. Now, this may sound like I had it in the bag, but unbelievably nothing else happened between her and I, and she soon went home afterwards not feeling well. I think that not only did I lack confidence to escalate due to lack of experience and it being her (someone I really want as opposed to a random girl), but what made it worse was several of my colleagues being with us, which made me very self conscious.

    My biggest problem is that Iím too much of a pussy dancing with girls and with escalating in general. I really need to just fu**ing go for it. Hopefully, next Friday I will get another opportunity with her and after reading some tips on here, I will finally go for it.

    How should I do it? Should I just grab her while weíre on the dance floor and kiss her? Should I try and dance somewhere privately with her away from colleagues, and then go for it? Should I try and sit down with her somewhere and kiss her there?

    In a normal situation if I had just met a girl in a club etc, when going for the kiss one would normally do it slowly, and kiss her softly and gently etc. As I know this girl and I both want each other, perhaps really going for it and kissing her passionately/aggressively might be the option (though Iíd have to be very drunk to do this). Believe me, itís almost starting to drive me crazy that nothing has happened between us yet, so I believe that passion would be there.

    Thanks for your help, any motivational tips would also be welcome.

    P.S. I realise this post may seem a little fu**ed up, but itís all true and I genuinely have never been in a situation like this before in my life.
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