I'm seeing my ex girlfriend at the moment and she keeps bring up the same argument that she doesn't want a relationship. I don't want a relationship at the moment iv'er and i'm currently seeing other girls (she thinks i'm seeing no one else though and doesn't think i will get with any one else while i am away at uni). She is currently sick at the moment and has been for like 12months and is currently getting better so she can't go out all the time etc and she can't meet me when i'm at uni. I text her when i was drunk saying i missed her one night and that i wanted her to come up Liverpool and she brought up the argument again the next day. Then today she said that yesterday when i was speaking to her for 3.5 hours on the phone and i said that "when we split up...." (i don't remember saying this and don't even know if i did) and she brought up the same argument again saying she can't get into a relationship. I don't under stand why she's doing it and it's starting to annoy me because i don't want a relationship.

Any one know why she's bring up the argument? Also how should i react when she brings it up. Before i have been saying i'm not going to get into a relationship with someone i'm not sure about etc. But now i just feel like telling her to go away next time she does it and stop talking to her for a while.

EDIT: I'm thinking of saying we are just friends, if something happens when i'm back from uni (i'm back in 3 weeks) then something happens if nothing happens then nothing happens. Would this be a good idea?