Good morning gentleman....

As a recent convert to the PUA lifestyle, Im enjoying the "liberation" that Ive felt in the last couple weeks. On a business trip to Orlando, I read "The Game." On the first morning of the trip, I sarged a girl on the shuttle bus.. definitely not a ten, closer to a 6, but hey, your first sarge, gotta start somewhere right? As soon as she got onto the bus, I gave her a big smile, turned away for a bit, then locked eyes and started talking. We spent three days together and had a great time.

Typically, when I go out, I dress to impress. Designer, well fitting jeans, slim fit long sleeve shirts (ironed). Im 6'4, athletic build, yet still have apprehension on the initial approach. For my personality type, Im thinking that a indirect casual approach is the most suitable.

Heres where I need help. Im thinking of using pea cocked shoes, and heres how it plays out in my mind.... Locate a HB, then position myself and my wing somewhere that she has to walk by... when she does, casually tell her my friend and I are discussing my shoes and what does she think of them? Okay I haven't worked out all the kinks, but I think this is a good comedic opener, where upon we can go dance, get a drink....aka isolate her..

What do you guys think of this approach? Also, should I lean more towards cowboy boots or dress shoes?

Happy hunting!

Truly It.