I've known her for a year and we had a fling and basically I've asked her out many times in the past but she made excuses but I'm still interested. It was my birthday yesterday and she kept being nice and txting me etc and it was lovely. She txt me last night but I missed it, then I told her that I was asleep which I was, and she txt me telling me she wanted to give me a birthday kiss.

I got happy and txt her back saying sounds good and I wanted to see her but tonight I had plans anyway but didn't mention that. She txt me she can see me tonight if I am free and I didn't see her txt and replied 40 minutes later by calling then sending her a txt saying I just saw her txt and askin her what she was up 2. Then sent another txt sayin I was out of town at the moment.

I haven't told her what I was doing but I'm sure she knows I'm busy. I actually would love to see her, but she txts me at the wrong time when she has had weeks to see me. Even on valentines I think she wanted to see me but I didn't ask as I know she sees other guys. Even on her Birthday she invited me and then didn't even let me know. She always plays games and even this is unlikely to happen if I did agree to meet. I want to speak to her but she never answers her phone especially in these situations. I've not seen her in four months and miss her without a doubt. She txt me a few days later, trying to be funny/play games with "lets start a family,lets have kids" txt which was really random. What do you think?