New to the forums here, but catching on quick so hopefully you guys could help a brother out.

I'll try and make this as short and entertaining as possible:
Been about 6 months since I've been in a relationship/really talked to any HB's. Just been real busy with my own life and haven't cared to much. So about a month ago this HB9 starts working at the front desk of my gym. Interested, I start chatting her up every time I see her(About 2-3 times/wk depending on when shes working). My skills were pretty rusty but I did alright. About 2 weeks ago I #closed her. Was texting her for a couple days, then we went out for coffee. She's EXTREMELY shy. Took a while to warm her up, but deff saw some IOI's. After coffee we hugged and were about to go our ways, but I turned around and kissed her, It was prob too short (she seemed into it tho). Followed up with a text saying "had an awesome time, maybe we can do it again sometime." she replied "yeah me too" but nothing about setting up a second date.

Here's where I fawk up. She told me on the first date she hadn't been in a relationship in a long time (always moving/busy life/etc.) I started to really like her. She seemed pretty easy, so I got off my game and was getting complacent. Big Mistake.

Last Saturday(day after coffe date) text convo went like this:

Me: So I was thinking either tomorrow or monday night we could cuddle up next to a fire and watch a movie together. (I know wtf was I thinking?)
HB: I can't either of those days :/
Me: So when are you free?
HB: The next day I have free is next saturday.
Me: How about you come over and I'll cook up a vegetarian dinner(Shes a Veg) (And prob way to soon to ask over)
HB: Aw I'm excited

In hindsight that didn't go nearly as well as I thought. But it gets better... Instead of a short freeze out until our date on saturday, like I should have done to keep the attraction there, I was smothering her with attention when I saw her at the gym and with texts. So Friday comes along and I shoot her a confirmation text:

Me: Hey, How's 6:00 sound tomorrow for dinner?
HB: (8 hrs later) Heyy, srry just got off work and I have some bad news I have a drill tomorrow.

Normally I would have just played it cool and been like "oohh okay no problem, enjoy your drill" But I was reading some of David DeAngelo's Philosophy and decided to take a different route:

Me: Well thanks for the last minute notice. What are you going to do to make this up to me?
HB: I'm sorry I forgot
Me: (4 hrs later) Oh ok no sweat

I don't know if that was the right way to handle that, I mean do I look like an angry asshole who can't handle rejection now?

Anyways, If you've read this far THANK YOU! Wtf do I do now?? I really like this chick, shes good gf material. I started a freeze out immediately following her flaking on me. Problem is, like I mentioned earlier, I inevitably see her 2-3 times a week so I can't completely ignore her. I saw her today as I was leaving and smiled and said hi, so did she. Didn't seem awkward or anything. I also #closed a couple HBs at my college to get my mind off of her. So Is this farked? If not when do I try and ask her to hang out again? Should I try and chat her up when I see her in person or just stick to the friendly Hi/Bye?

Any help you guys could give me would be MUCH appreciated, just getting back into the game, but I'm trying!