Hey guys!

I'm new here, and I plan to stay. I started reading PUA stuff around December and although I've got a lot of the stuff in my head, I suck at using it in practice. Example, my prom date.

Basically, my date asked her friend to ask me to prom for her, and I said yes. So now I've got a pretty hot prom date, but we really don't talk much. Our only conversations since we decided to go to prom together have been about prom, like matching, limos, etc. I've read The Game and I've gone through all of the Pandora's Box Core System, but I don't feel like anything will work on her strong personality. I'm also worried because my friends are saying that since she's "super Christian" (we don't even know for sure) my prom night is going to suck.

My ultimate goal is to have a fun prom night if you know what I mean but with prom only 3 weeks away I feel like I'm at a loss.

Any help will be appreciated.