So quite honestly, I wouldn't recommend these options to anybody. But anywho, here it goes! I did try Eharmony and met this girl off of there. We were talking for a month, and things were going amazing. She was actually getting serious with me quite early and I was kind of shocked. I won't lie, I did get caught up in it. When you sign up for a site like that, you just think it's too good to be true. She has 2 kids from a previous marriage and lives a couple hours away from me.

So the one day we got together we did some shopping at Target because she had to get some things. We then went to Johnball and that went well. After that went for a walk around a lake. Went to bdubs for some grub. A lot of greatness to say the least. At some point she did grab my hand to hold it and we did just that. Even after I dropped her back off at her car she would text me later and say she had an amazing day and nobodies ever done that for her before. Some of the things she told me though was she would like me to get involved in her kids lives, is thinking about maybe a potential move in. Now is that is not serious, I don't know what is. I have an aunt who has a wedding coming up, so I asked her if she'd be my date and she accepted.

Now when I spent the weekend at her place. Her kids weren't there, she invited me up there for the weekend. I cooked her some dinner, did a little spontanous surprise where I would have notes say "Read Me" and inside them had one verse to a poem. then would have a hint to where the next verse was on the paper. Cuddled and watched movies. Then come Sunday not long before I left she decides to tell me that she wants to date. Tells me she can only see us being friends. See though, that's the problem. I want to be more than friends... but I can't do anything to change her mind. She just said she didn't feel the connection like she thought. Now, I don't get the whole "connection" thing. Because I've heard that before... Advice anyone? She wants to be friends, but it's simple she wants to find that true love. But I can tell you now I'd be the one not going to a wedding(if a day were to come) because of my feelings. I don't know if it's even worth being friends, it'll just be a daily reminder of the lead on and hurt ya know.

Advice appreciated!