So i've been talking to my ex again and for some weird reason i feel she is screwing with me again but im not sure. So recently we have been talking about our break up, I told her "u dont need to worry about you hurting me im long past that, the only thing i dont get is the last time i saw u before we broke up i looked into your eyes and when you told me you loved me it looked real and sincere, and i felt that I made you happy" her response was " you did make me happy you understood me well and i felt that you really loved me as well and you werent faking it, the problem was that i got scared, i felt like i was doing something wrong, but i wasnt lieing to you about how i felt about you". Now to give you guys a little details about our relationship my ex lives in a different country i live in canada, only time i see her is in the summer for about 4 month, so she has an ex that she was with for 6 years that she tells me he is wack and she doesnt love him just felt like she got use to him. Anyways this is how our break up happened we where with each other for 4 month i wen tback to canada 2 weeks in she broke up with me saying that she felt that it was wrong, she probably got back with her ex. When ever i go back she tries talkin to me and it feels real and that she still really loves me, when ever i come back it gets weird again. So the conversation i quoted above happened last night and its the first time we talked about the break up in 4 years since we've broken up and i just want some feed back, like if there was a girl that was my kryptonite its her, never had girl problems nor gave a damn much till her. So i just want to no what to do, i could go back to ignoring like me and her always do, ignore each other for a year then start talking again, or really try and see if something can come of this. Please help!!!