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    Default friends party,3 F. UPS

    So today was the birthday party of two of my friends,So first fark up HB8(easy,and now girlfriend of one of the party hostes) so how i was saying she is very easy but it semes she had a thing for my friend,I opend laught a bit with her,and after a while a friend comes to me and says go and tell her you need to talk(Bj in the bathroom) i asked told her that i wanted to talk she didn't want to talk, i said ok later i had a nice conversation with her.Second fark upHB7(has a boyfriend), so there was a very drunk chick, I danced with her for half hour she rubbed her Pussy against my leg all half hour,when we go to seat she bit my lip and when i tried to kiss her she said no(i hate mixed signals)she needed some air and we got out a little, we sat on a bench and she was spooning me, i tried to kiss her neck she said stop it so i did(maybe i shoulda have tried styles phase shift(i was a little drunk,it ocured to me just now) we got back inside and we danced a little. Third HB 9, The cousin of HB7 she was 20 and im 17 btw I danced with her for 15 minutes then the HB7 joined us and i danced with both and then she asked me how old i am I told her the truth(one of the rules is never lie to the chick) she said to bad i don't want to get arested for the coruption of an Underaged kid) i laughed and told that she shoulda take the risk,then a friend of mine blocked me (TOTAL ALPHA MALE) and well they started kissing and sh1t she told him that she will fark. him tomorow(to bad the dude has to leave for work in another city tomorow).Btw i kinoed the fark.out of them,i think i just had badluck(anyway thx to the comunity i had a lot of fun,if it werent for you guys i woulda never had the guts to aproch them that way btw sorry for the bad Englesh.
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