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Thread: Using M3 model

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    Default Using M3 model

    I was wondering if one could use the M3 model also in daygame, or with texting in a way or just use it to make friends. And is there any help out there for people just learning about social cues? I have TD's 25pts but notice little social cues everyday where Im like, ''that was akward'' only thing I can think of is keeping a journal really.

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    Default Re: Using M3 model

    I would like to use the m3 model to position myself as the leader in a group of men i just met. But i dont know what routines to use or attitude to have

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    Default Re: Using M3 model


    M3 For Daygame A1-3 pretty much all get blended into the initial 5-10 minute conversation. Like as if each line of dialogue from you says "This is why I'm high value. Do you live up to my standards?" (statement + question / A2+A3)
    A1 (open /hook) - initiating the conversation is enough to hook in daygame.
    A2 (DHV) this is done by your alpha stance and your balls at a direct approach, also through slipping negs into the conversation and DHV spikes, also your general cocky-funny attitude
    A3 (Qualifying) toss in disqualifiers and let her earn your interest after a few minutes of chit chat.
    ::Only n-close once she's earned it::

    M3 For Texting figure it's "C1" if you text the same day that you n-closed, and "C2" if it's any day after.

    M3 To Make Friends you don't need the M3 model, just build rapport based on mutual experiences.

    Regarding social cues, here are the three biggest ones related to awkward blow outs. Watch the face and shoulders.

    Face - when they glance around with their whole face while you talk, it means they are thinking about bailing. Do an FTC, then either, roll off, or stack to something more interesting
    Shoulders - while you're talking, if they turn away with their shoulders, that means the set is blown. Should have ended it or hooked earlier.
    Shoulders - when you walk up, if they don't perk up slightly or turn their shoulders more in your direction then that means they aren't receptive to your approach, do an FTC and stack to something interesting.

    Also watching the group dynamics in real life (or in reality shows or in The Office) as far as IOD/IOI body language will help. ...and yeah, keeping a journal will help.


    For Leadership I suppose you could adapt the M3 model to "attract" followers and to be a leader of men. All the stages are probably mixed together, but the concepts are pretty consistent.

    A1 (open / hook) - I guess this would be identifying your mutual goal/plan of action. In this way you HOOK them with a solid plan to reach whatever goal (this can be a long term goal or a bunch of little goals - like you're the guy who always knows how to plan a good night out = you become the leader of the group).
    A2 (DHV) - be able to handle and adapt to unexpected situations also know how to improve things as necessary. Don't neg anyone but yourself in hindsight. Also disqualify yourself slightly from being the leader (slight false modesty)
    A3 (Qualifying) Ehhhh maybe this may be where the M3 for leading breaks down... I guess this is taking the advice of others when that advice is good. Being able to argue your point.
    C1 - when your first plan is successful
    C2 - when your subsequent plans are successful
    C3 - ....the point at which people ask for your guidance and they give it
    S1 - (Foreplay) negotiating a formal commitment - like soliciting a vote from someone
    S2 - (LMR) instill a sense of urgency to overcome LMR
    S3 - (Closing) this is a commitment to allegance
    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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