Alright so I got a girls number over this past weekend. I started texting her today and I am just curious if this is going well.

I got her number because her friend set me up as her blind date to her soroities semi formal. We had a lot of fun at the party but I was not overly clingy to her, I knew a few other people there. At the end of the night I got her number so she could tell me where the after party was. I meet up with her at that at we hung out and talked a lot more. My one friend there who is good with women thought she was really into me.

So I started texting her today. At first it was just some small talk about how she was doing pledging (it takes up a lot of her time so she is kind of busy). Eventually I asked her to hang out.

ME: if you were not to busy I would say we should hang out sometime

HER: Oh yeah deffsss!

ME: You free at all this weekend?

HER: i might be! ill deffs let you know!

I was just curious on how I should proceed from here? Do you think this is a good sign? Should I let her contact me or should I ask her again later this week if she wants to hang out?