Hi, thanks in advance for any help.

So I've gotten pretty good at openers and lately have upped it to getting numbers without too much trouble. I'm lucky to live in a great mountain town where there seems to be an endless supply of beautiful women that are very casual and are easily approachable.

My problem now seems to be the follow up. Over the weekend I got two numbers from two very lovely ladies. I've initiated some texting with success but this is where I always get stuck. In the past few months I've had little lucky with getting past the texting part into the meeting up part.

I met and spent quite a bit of time with last night someone I'd love to see again. We've texted a few times so now I'm trying to determine the best way to go from here. In the past I've gone from here with a phone call, usually leaving a voicemail about meeting up but haven't had much luck hearing back.