So this is a new thread based on an old one, but as the old one got so long and things changed so many times Im making a new one.

So as some of you may recall i was seeing a girl who seemed to have fallen madly in love with me, who then left me for her x-boyfriend who she ended up not going back to anyway. That was all 1 week ago and 1 day ago.

Now things have got back to talking etc etc.. But things have started to fair differently and I'm stumbling.

she has stated to call me everyday, very casually and tries to spend as long as possible, when I try and hangup she says "if you really want" or "no stay with me". She even likes to use FaceTime a lot with me.

This is giving me the impression that I have somehow slowly entered the friend zone, however she does not stop laughing when she speaks to me. She responds to all my sexual teases, and I even told her " if you want me over there in your bed, you are going to have to work for it" in which she responded " I will work for it"......

I have become a bit cold and harder...IE not available to her all the time.

My approach thus far:

1. Ensure that I do not answer messages for at least 30 min.
2. Do not answer phone calls and call back anywhere between 30min to 2 hours.
3. End conversation first.
4. No longer her allow her to tell me things or even attempt to put me down.

Anything else Im missing, she's avoiding meeting me by the looks of things since we are from the same group, she is not coming to the social events... I think she knows if she sees me, she won't be able to resist my plays... Not too sure.