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    Cool Need Help With Direct Game and Attraction!

    Hey! So recently I tried using Direct Game. Previously I never had the confidence to even attempt it but after getting more experience and learning more about direct game I got excited to try it out. My confidence immediately rose and the game became new again using direct game. What I noticed is after delivering a direct opener is the girl will break eye contact, smile and do a little bit of nervous body language. I'm assuming she is feeling flattered or just probably wasn't expecting this type of approach (I'm not trying to compliment/flatter her with a direct opener, I'm trying to gain attraction right?!). If a girl is shy I'm assuming direct game might be too much for them to handle so should I then calibrate to her and maybe try some more indirect material? Other times the girls will cross their arms or not act as engaged in the conversation, is this out of disinterest or shyness? I'm able to open and transition pretty consistently but attraction during direct game seems to be hit or miss in that first opener. Should I move onto regular attraction material after the opener and transition or is the set already lost if the girl doesn't positively respond to the direct opener/approach? Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Need Help With Direct Game and Attraction!

    Well good initiative to do the direct game. I've experimented with it a bit, definitely not all the time though. I seem to notice it works best when shes solo, and in a place where your only at temporarily, not a bar or party. It usually works on 7's and 8's the most, why you play a 9 or 10 a little different.

    It's always a case by case basis though right? Like with a 9 or 10 i'll say something direct but it'll have somewhat of a neg or witty kinda vibe.
    Last weekend a 7 i was pickin up actually threw some direct game at me, and I just went with it cause it was cool like that, so you never know I guess.

    I'll be more direct with things they are wearing like glasses, shoes, shirts whatever, just like it's regular convo then thread from there.

    Sometimes if a girl gives you a compliment, it's a good time to throw some direct game down. But commonly I think it can be used with humor and wit, while still sincere at the core of it.


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