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    Default Going to a disco - Girlfriend leaving early

    Hey there, I have a question and hope that you can help me
    Tomorrow I am going to a disco with my girlfriend and some friends. Usually she wants to leave early and she wants me to go with her. In the past I accompanied her even if I wanted to party with my friends. But I dont't want to run after her anymore, so I will tell her friendly that its ok if she goes but I will stay there. The problem is that she has to get home ALONE. Even if other friends are leaving with her, they dont live near by her and they dont have a car to drive her home. Her apartment is 35 minutes by feet and its not the best neighbourhood, so it could be pretty dangerous for a girl her age. She also doesnt have that much money so that she could pay a taxi alone. She will reproach me for that and I dont know what to do / or say. Do you know any good possibility how I could get out of this?

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    Default Re: Going to a disco - Girlfriend leaving early

    haha something like this happened to me before with my ex. We happened to be at the same club with different groups of friends. I was very drunk and left and walked home on my own. I got a phone call after the club and she was bitching at me cos i left without her and i was the bad guy. When i was drunk i told her what was what but the next day i just had to say i was in the wrong and i was sorry (even though i dont think so).

    But im a different man now and i dont go out with her anymore for different reasons.

    Rule number 1: the girl is always right and the guy is always the bad guy/asshole.

    Thats a joke by the way :P

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