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    Default she hasnt replied in this text conversation, has this damaged my chances?

    Hey guys,

    So for the past few weeks, I have been flirting with this girl who works across the road from the video store i work in. I give her free dvds, just like i give my friends free dvds (I know that would usually be a DLV on my behalf, but in this case its different).

    Anyway, so i got her number the last time i saw her, and I sent her a text yesterday. The text message conversation is as follows:

    Me: "Hey so now that i have your number, it will be harder for you to run away with dvds hired on my account...You're crazy man, you could have hired out half the store and fled across the border to Mexico to run an illegal dvd ring on the black market!"

    Her: "How did you find me out?? Oh well, Ill just have to change my number. Guess if im running an illegal mexican dvd ring maybe a new identity wouldnt be such a bad idea either...Didnt get much for those chick flicks though, next tiem i come in ill have to raid the new releases. Ill cut you in if you keep quiet, 5%"

    Me: I like the way you think, partners in crime! With my expertise in dvds, having graduated from Harvard with a Doctrine of Dvd-ology, we will be invincible. However, I fear my chocolate addiction may set our pofits back a bit over Easter. im sure you can understand!"

    And she hasnt replied since. Now i do understand that there's probably not really much she can reply to that, but I was kind of hoping she would just writing back something to keep the conversation going. I feel like i should have dropped the joke in my second txt message, and asked her out, rather than continuing to play into the joke to the point where she has ended the conversation.

    So i guess my question is, by doing this, have i DLV'd, or in general diminished her attraction for me a little bit?



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    Default Re: she hasnt replied in this text conversation, has this damaged my chance

    Totally fine. That joke was dead by text 3 anyway. It would have been lame to keep it up. Just wait a day or 2 and send a text to ask her out.

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