Hey so I've been seeing this girl now for about 2 weeks.. I picked her up at a bar.. We chatted for about 3-4 hours that night.. I wanted to play it really safe because i really like this girl and shes really HOT! So i just stayed an chatted to her nothing more.. Eventually She had to go home as she left she kissed me on the lips.. We texted each other here and there throughout the next couple of days and got her to come back to mine. We had dinner watched a movie.. Talked some more.. And then I asked her if she wanted a massage.. She said yes so I gave her one.. One thing led to another and we started making out..But it only about a minute I'm Pretty sure she stated to get LMR. A couple minutes later she said she had to go home. We texted for the next couple of days and went out last night.. Sat down at a bar and had a drink talked for about an hour or so until she had go home! I'm a bit stuck I think she is girlfriend material and im pretty sure she thinks I may be boyfriend material.. Could she just be holding back from having sex because he sees me as a future boyfriend?? How do I full close her the next time I see her?? I've spent around 8-9 hours with her already. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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