Hey guys. So im new to the life and trying to get my feet wet with online dating. I made a profile and it gets alot of views but not much in terms of replies. Im gonna post it and would really appreciate and advice. Really appreciate it.

I think at the end of the day its the random facts that matter so here goes:
I once tried to unsuccessfully bribe the post office lady not to take my expired passport, I was very close to filling up all the pages.
I caged dived with 18 foot great white sharks. Not sure how I still go into the water after that one.
I have a serious Amazon addiction, amazing how much useless stuff you will buy when shipping is free.
I spent a month in South Africa treating the very poor. It feels good to give back once in a while.
I try to keep a vegetarian diet for health reasons, I will cheat for a good steak.
If I don't surf at least once a week or so I can get antsy, I consider it my form of therapy.
I am definitely not a morning person, but I get up at 5:30 am every day without coffee and go to a job that makes it worth waking up while its still dark.
I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. See above.
I have a tendency to quote lines from Wedding Crashers.
Im looking for a fun, ambitious and down to earth girl.