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    Default Whats going on with this girl?

    Dear Pua community,I am in pretty confusing situation right now and I need your help what to do next.I am 20 year old guy.

    I met this one girl 4 months ago at new years eve party,all night she was all over me,I didn't even need to put any effort as she was eating from my hand.

    After that I started texting with her with very flirty tone,asked if she wanted to come hang out in my apartment etc.She never promised me anything but she was flirty and I thought something was going on.

    3 weeks after new years eve party I met her again on the party and decided to ask whats going on between us.I told that I liked her face to face but she friend-zoned me.I acted it out fine and told that its no big deal, even though I was broken inside.

    After that I basically cut the contact to zero with her as I was healing my heart,I don't remember when I had felt this bad inside because of a girl. I really wanted this girl to be mine.

    So I freezed her out for atleast two months.I was feeling better and I had gotten over her basically.I was feeling really good again.

    Anyways last Friday out of nowhere she asked if I was going to any party this weekend and that she wanted to come too if its fine.I told her its fine.

    I decided to try hit her up again that night.That was my plan.I didn't have any expectations as she had made it pretty clear that she wanted to be just friends and new years eve style make out wouldn't happen again ever.

    Because I had no expectations I could act like I wanted.I was all over the party having much fun as possible,not giving a fark,talking with many girls as possible in front of her.

    Later that night I started to talk more with her with extreme flirty tone,I made my intentions very clear that I wanted her.I went for kino and tried to kiss her, she turned her cheek to me couple times but I acted like its nothing,kept talking with her and went for the kiss again.

    Eventually later that night we ended up sleeping in same bed kissing each others.

    Now im pretty confused about this whole situation,what she wants and what should I do next with this girl? Am I out of the friendzone now or what? This whole situation is really stressing me out as I just had gotten over this girl and now out of nowhere she is in my mind again.

    Please fellas help me out :P cheers!

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    Default Re: Whats going on with this girl?

    She could be one of those girls who is completely different when she is drunk from when she's sober. Or it could be that she's in a complicated relationship with someone else. That's highly possible. In that case, her actions differing wildly will be the result of how things are going that that guy. Sorry to say, but it looks like you could be the back-up. When that guy's laying it on thick with her, she just wants to be friends. When that guy brushes her off for another chick, she needs to vent so she thought about you, the other guy who paid attention to her. And you said you needed to "heal your heart"?? What the hell is that? You met this chick 1 time at a party! Be a man; she's not worth shit! Anyway, my advice is to let this one go. She probably loves some other guy and he's the kind of guy who treats her like a dog. She's suffering and she deserves it because she didn't pick you, the guy who will treat her right. I never give women second chances and neither should you. Cut her off and next time she asks to go out, give her no response back. She can cry in the apartment all night while you go out and have fun, finding more deserving chicks. But if you're just soft-hearted and want her, then you might have to wait until she realizes he's never gonna be any good for her. But this is a girl who likes jerks and super-alphas so if you show her how much you like her, you might not get her and end-up friend-zoned! If that happens, don't ever respond to her again; if she doesn't want your dick, then she can't have any part of you including your friendship. Anyway, to get her, you might have to act like that other dude who's using her as a spare tire! But that's a bit of a long shot considering your situation.

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