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    Default Is sometimes a friend approach the only approach ?

    Basically there is this girl on my campus who is GORGEOUS HB 11 and basically every single guy on campus hits on her and is always flirting with her.
    Im talking about from jocks to abercrombie models, they all go after her and again and again she shoots them down. She is really outgoing a sweetheart and a virgin. I know her through a friend and had her texting me for a little bit and i was always being sexual and obvious that I did not want to be her friend.Although i showed it in all the right ways. One night we danced and i took controll was grinding with her and it was obvious I was the leader. Although I could tell she wasnt feeling it so i said to her "hey I think I might be giving you the wrong impression, youre cute but im not looking to hookup. Possibly in the future but you would have to show me youre more than just a cute face" and i smiled. It was basically a last resort option and froze the situation or a "tactical friendzone" that was controlled by me. My friend said she wants a boyfriend and does not want to hookup. Basically this girl doesnt seem to fall for any of the usual things i do to get a girl.I would never say this under any circumstances, but do you think a friend approach might eventually get me anywhere with her. Granted this will be a friend approach that is very aggressive and sexual , but still under friend pretenses. I would like to hear your opinions.

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    Default Re: Is sometimes a friend approach the only approach ?

    No, friendship is never the right option, especially when there are so many other guys around. That transition from friend to couple is just too disgusting to endure (unless you were never really friend-zoned in the first place). So you have grinded her, which means that you isn't repulsed by you. Your comment on not looking to hook up probably took it too far; made you look AFC in my opinion. Since she is looking for a boyfriend, go ahead and ask her on a date, dinner and a movie, all the bells and whistles, romantic, expensive date. That way she understands you are romantically (which differs from simply sexually) interested in her. That will put the ball in her court. If you're not bad-looking, she might give you a ton of credit for being gutsier than the male models who are beating around the bush and doing that high school "testing the waters" bullshit.

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