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    Default When to number close online?

    I've been chatting up this random HB on facebook. I'm not actually sure when to attempt a number close. Here is the entire conversation. She seems to be into me I think haha.

    Me: I'm Adam, not sure if we've met or not but you look really familiar. You're pretty cute. Are you fun and interesting too? I'm kinda picky

    HB: I'm Taylor, pretty sure I've never met you, what makes you fun and interesting your not the only picky one

    Me: Hmm cute and picky?! Let me guess, you're a serial killer?? Haha

    HB: You guess correctly one day I will be more well known then Ted bundy

    Me: Oh goodness please don't chop me up. And just what do you like to do for fun besides being a serial killer??

    HB: Well when I'm not on the job at night, I have to put a normal front up so I like to go kayaking, love sports really anything outside. But I like to read too gotta keep up with what my other serial killer friends are up to so what do you do for fun

    Me: Good you can't let them out do you, I bet you will be more famous than Ted Bundy one day. As for me, well when I'm not being super awesome, I love anything that involves in the water, all sports (yes even soccer) anddd hiking. So tell me you haven't transfered to JSU yet have you?

    HB: I transferred there this spring but never went but I will be there this fall cause I'm out of classes I can take at GSCC, and that's one sport I'm completely not a fan of soccer no point in it to me

    Me: I'm sorry but we can no longer be friends but yea jsu can be real strict about what you take. Gotta take 64 hrs at jsu. I transferred this past fall. So what are you planning on doing with your jsu education?

    HB: I'm going into dietetics, what are you there for

    Me: I'm going into accounting. That's really cool. What are you wanting to do after graduation?

    HB: Kinda in the air there's a lot I want to do with it lol maybe travel or stay here and work at a gym or hospital not real sure yet, wbu

    Me: Haha you could be a nutritionist to the stars! I plan on getting a job in an accounting firm and then going back to get my CPA license. I'm almost thinking about traveling to a bigger city to work because that would be awesome but I'm also real close with family so I may wait a few years to do that.

    So that's the convo. Most responses were spaced out at about and hour at a time. So is she into me you think and is it time to go on for a number close? Also should I try to ask her to hang out this weekend? I'm new to this facebook game stuff.

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    Default Re: When to number close online?

    I'll respond in two ways. First what to take from this and apply to the future, second how to save this situation.

    Your canned material is solid. She's give you IOI's right from the get-go (she responded, played with your joke, etc). But by continuing the conversation passed her asking what you do for fun she seems to slowly friendzone you as opposed to potential suitor. Instead, next time escalate attraction further by saying something more along the lines of, "Well I could tell you, but it would be a lot more fun to show you. Lets make a deal: you promise not to kill me and I'll promise you the best time you've had in a while." Something along those lines.

    You've kind of AFC'd yourself towards the end of the conversation. I would suggest waiting a few days then implement some direct game. Give it a little less than a week then message her, "Coffee or ice cream?" When she picks one say, "Cool, I pick the time, you choose the place " This way you've proven alpha, stepped out of AFC, and guarantee a place that she will like all the while staying in charge by deciding when.

    Best of luck!
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