So the events that accured to me last night are a bit awkward and I could really use an experts advice. While at work an old girl friend of mine texted me asking if i would be interested in gettting togethere after work. I agreed and after work she came over. We had a few drinks and did a lot of catching up (I was her first so theres history between us). She gave tons of IOI's and I responded with some back. -Skipping to when were finally in my room-. We started making out pretty heavily until she said.

Her:I dont want to feel like a tease so just to let you know i dont want to have sex.
Me:I understand, no worries
Her:WOW really! (smile and begins to kiss me again)

So we start heavy making out again and she begins to touch me. I respond back... get threw some LMR, and im in...this is when it gets awkard lol.

We start having sex and everything is going good. Except that I think im being a bit to rough for it being our first time having sex again...We go at it for maybe 5min and I get the urge take a piss

I excuse myself and go relieve 3 shock tops and one blue moon out of my system.

I come back, and shes holding a picture of me and my daughter.

Her:Was your kid planned or not planned..
Me:She was planned, her mother and I were dumb and though we were ready for a kid.

I get back in bed and she scoots away from me...So i start to feel some awkwardness happening..I ask her if everythings okay, and she says yeah...but in a really sarcastic way?

I than ask her if I should get another condom and she says
Her:Im kind of over it
Me:Okay?..Are sure your okay?
Her:Yeah, i think ima go home....

After that It was just silence in the room while she got dressed...I texted her today and asked what had transpired in my room the night before...she says nothing happend and that i shouldnt worry....Ive gone over the entire conversation from when i got home to conversating and catching up to being in my bedroom getting threw some LMR till the end...I cant find anything that i may have done wrong...maybe the kid question or going to take a piss...any suggestions?

I would really like to get with this old friend again(shes grown up since the last time ive seen her lol) but really wtf when wrong?