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    Exclamation Advice needed with "first date" and a potential threat

    I'm going to a concert with a female friend of mine I've known her for about a year (eight months of that she had boyfriend) I've generally kept my distance from her and we've never really hung out together the most we've done is she helped me Christmas shop and the other week she invited me to hers for a couple of after work drinks.

    Anyway long story short I like her and when she asked me to this concert I thought yeah why not I was planning trying to take a step further, she seems fair flirty and as of the past couple of weeks she has been more touchy feely arms, shoulders, waist etc and even spoke about us getting naked and showing me her nipple piercing when she gets it done, jokingly I assumed this was on seperate occasions.

    Anyway I thought it was going well until a guy who likes her a ruined his chance a while ago found out we had drinks and then asked her to be his girlfriend out the blue! She told me about this pretty much immediately (possibly friend zoned) there not going out as far as i'm aware, however I know they speak fairly often and now I'm at a lose as what i'm going to at this concert or how i should go about so I would basically like some advice on possibly coming across "better" then this other guy who is quite clearly threatened by me.

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    Default Re: Advice needed with "first date" and a potential threat

    Well, how does he discuss him? If she said something like, "I got totally surprised the other day when Josh asked me out again. I don't know if he's playing games but he's hot!" then you got friendzoned and it's best to cut your loses and leave. If she said, "This total weirdo tried to date me the other day! Is he crazy; why would I go out with him again?" then you're in the clear. Basically, go to the concert and just act like that guy doesn't exist. Just the two of you. Flirt and show her a good time and kiss her at the end. That will show her that you are better. Don't even mention him because mentioning him shows your vulnerability and fear of him as a competitor; act like you are so confident in yourself the her other suiters are just clowns for background comedy while you are the knight.

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