I live in a small town (about 50-70k people in total) and quality girls are not that easy to find around here. But my problem is actually my reputation that I may get from playing here. I don't have any practise with Direct Game (I can't go out at night either due to my studies) which has lead to two awkward conversations as my first approaches. Going to another town (either moving there or simply going there for practise) is also out of question. Indirect Game or Social Circle Game is also out of question because my Game is actually very direct and I find it impossible to be on a conversation with a girl without demonstrating my interest.

This has been annoying me very much because I feel like everything has to be done perfectly so that I get a good reputation instead of a bad one. But as I don't have any actual practise at all, I find it better not to go out and be that nerdy guy I always have been. So, my question is: What should I do?