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    Default Kissed one of my closest friends who has a boyfriend.

    Hey Gents/Ladies,

    Around 3 months ago i got close to a group of girls. In this time however 2 girls particularly (ill call them Jane and Kim) became close. Another one I had dated for a short while but it ended due to x-bf issues etc.

    These 2 girls over time became really really close. Last friday. we were out at the club and Kim who was quite drunk said she wanted to sleep over... I said sure, then Jane came along and also asked me if she could sleep over... she was brining a guy with her.. I had no problems with it.

    Long story short Kim slept in my bed and the next morning she was hugging me, I started to rub her leg and she started grinding on me. I grabbed her breast and kissed her more then once. However When i grabbed her vagina I pulled away as she has a bf... i thought it was unfair considering I knew him a bit....

    Anyway long story short we went along like never happened... but I know see that she's liked me for a while I just never thought of her as a GF material at all... and if she can cheat on her bf with me,, well what would stop her from cheating on me.

    BTW she's a smoking hot 9, model, bale dancer, great background and an extremely close friend.

    I feel she's now acting a little distant, i brought it up asking if were oki considering what happened. She just said she's nervous about her op on wen. So I'm not sure what to do with this now...

    Should I pretend it never happened it might be easier considering.

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    Default Re: Kissed one of my closest friends who has a boyfriend.

    No, you should have sex with her. The only time I ever turned down sex from a beautiful woman was when I found out she had an std. Don't think you're doing anybody any favors by not having sex with her! You're not doing yourself a favor; that's for sure. You're not doing her a favor; she wanted some. And you're not doing her boyfriend a favor either because the important thing is not whether or not she was successful this time at cheating; the important thing is whether or not she wanted to and tried to cheat, and she did. If not with you, then with someone else; either way, your buddy has it bad and he should know. I swear, if another guy had consensual sex with my girlfriend, I would not be angry at him at all. I would thank him for revealing to me what kind of person she was so I could stop wasting my time.

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