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    Exclamation Might have farked up, help and analyze my situation

    Ok so there is this girl I have been interested in for about a year now. We sit next to each other everyday in class, however, acknowledging my lameness, I have fought desperately to keep myself from the friend zone. Long story short, I have always suspected she likes me, but that can be a byproduct of just how much interested I am in her. Shortly after reading the first 100 pages of the game by Neil and studying game on the internet, I have stepped up my game. Since then, I have noticed "step ups" in her game as well, IOI's.
    Some of the IOI's she has displayed recently(maybe):
    Hits me in class
    blushes sometimes when i say something funny
    grabs my ass
    Think I catch her looking at me frequently (she could just be looking in my direction, idk)
    These are just a few, however, where I need analysis lies in a text conversation we were having. I think I totally farked up and read the signals wrong. I also think its worth noting that she has a boyfriend.
    Ok, so the context of the conversation was about an upcoming test that she must do well on. I offered to help her. This is where I used my training haha

    Me: (in response to an answer)oh, well watchya up to punk
    her: HHaha just got out of church
    Me: what are you scared of?
    her: I dont want a C in her clas lmao!
    Me: hahaha oh, well you better keep going to church then
    her: hahahaha shutupp lmao!!!!
    Me: well im just saying you need all the help you can get :P
    her: haha hopefully ur willing to help me
    Me: pshh you got god on your side girl!
    her: thats wat I always prey for
    her: that he never leaves my side
    me:im sure he wont

    I believe I farked up at the end, should of spat some game but due to my lameless, it was impossible. She did not respond, so Im thinking she got weirded out I just flat out read everything wrong. What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Might have farked up, help and analyze my situation

    OK, yeah, the last line was lame. Last time I was gaming church girls, I messaged, "Who would win in a fight, Jesus, or Darth Vader?" and she totally cracked up. Go light and funny on the religion and if she can't take a joke, then she's not someone I wanna be with. In any case, don't just send texts because you don't have anything better to say; hold off and think and even if it takes like 5 hours, don't send pointless messages like that. You could have answered something like "You "prey" for god? How'd it go last time you tried to hunt him down in the woods? LOL". But in any case, you didn't screw up big or anything. I'm still fixated on the IOIs part where you said she GRABS YOUR ASS!!! And you threw it in there like it was just like her borrowing pencils once in a while! You should use that! If a hot girl grabbed my ass, I'd eat her out right in front of her farking pastor! Next time she does that, say in a fun tone, "What the hell? Are you sexually harassing me?" Then pick her up and slap her butt a few times, lots of kino. Make sure you're both giggling uncontrollably cus that is important for this to not come off as aggressive pre-rape LOL. Yeah, so that's how you would escalate. And forget about the boyfriend; it's those giggling, super-kino moments that help majorly in allowing guys take people's girlfriends away. Literally forget that he exists; if you act like he doesn't exist (when you are alone with the girl), then there is a good chance that she will forget about him when with you and give you a good chance to seal the deal with her. Whatever you do, don't mention him when you are together with her; it will sour your time together because, especially being a Christian, being reminded of him will cause her to hold in the back of her head that thought not to go too far with you into anything that may constitute cheating.

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