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    Default Friendzone question

    Ok so I asked this girl out in January and she said yes but later backed out because she said she had an abusive ex and wasn't ready to date again. After she ignored me I told her I didn't want to be friends anymore and I had no contact with her for 6 weeks until I contacted her and we made up. Are there anyways I can get out of the friendzone through texting because she leaves university to go back home soon so I won't see her. Also how do I DHV/ casually bring up other girls when texting her? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Friendzone question

    Sounds like you have some serious inner game to work on before you even consider acting on your outer.

    1. You told her you didn't want to be friends anymore? DLV. That is an internal decision. By telling her you are showing that you are still thinking about her. Don't give her the glory. You are a busy and important man who can't be bothered by such juvenile matters.

    2. You contacted her to make up? DLV. A whipped dog running home. Arguably you did the noble thing by reconciling, but you bitched out from the get go so apologizing isn't going to DHV you, only showing indifference and moving past will. It's a more impactful way to display maturity--as she is likely to interpret it.

    3. Absolutely not. Do NOT bring up other women to DHV in this situation. Since she has dealt with abusive relationships in the past, it will only prove you to be like all the other douchebags. DHV in your personal qualities. Be a man. Be interesting, fun, brutally honest, and a rock that won't crumble. That's how you'll win her over, because emotionally damaged women can fall apart at the slightest neg.

    Your best bet is to not talk for a while (like the summer) then when you run into her again show that you're a different, better man than she remembers. Time can do crazy things. It's like a reset button, because people change and it happens reletively fast.
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