I go to a trade school, and the personal trainers are running a wellness challenge. My personal trainer so happens to be an easy 8. We've spoken a few times, nothing big just chit chat here and there. She always initiates a conversation first when ever she see's me, so maybe shes into me idk. Well its actually the second wellness challenge there doing. My last partner was a former jarhead..cool guy. But anyways. So today i asked her if she would be interested in becoming my PT.( accourding to my old PT) She wasnt taking part in the activity and to just let it go...But come on really? wouldnt hurt to ask.

So i asked her, and she agreed, with a smile! so tomorrow is our first meeting at taking body fat % weight ect ect. Im under the impression that she may be attracted to me. I have her for the next 8 weeks. Im turning 21 on May 7 of next month. So my goal is from now till then, built rapport and make plans to go out the weekend of my bday....but i want to built enought rapport that itll be a guaranteed f-close. I have 3 weeks to build enough comfort and attraction. Ill be posting things everyday mon-thursday to let you guys know how my interactions go, and what feedback i can get from the community. Please gents dont give me the cold shoulder. this girl is in great shape, nice everything. she may even be a 9.