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    Default My HB9 Hairstylist, need an "in"

    Well, a couple weeks ago when I was going to attend the singles dance I mentioned in Field Reports, I needed my hair cut. My sister had taken my niece over to this tiny little salon that opened up a few blocks from her house and said "Go there, all the girls are hot. You'll like it". Sister knows!

    So rather than going to my usual barber, I switched to pimp mode and went to this salon. Walked in and sure enough half a dozen women, all 8.5's and 9's were just standing around gabbing and when I walked into the door in my usual spring pimpwear and sunglasses it was like the sun dropped from the sky.

    I smiled at the girls and basically just opened them all as if I was in a club. "Hey Guys! How ya'll doin' today? I heard from my sister this place had the best hairstylists in town and I only accept the best!"

    The girls all tittered and asked who my sister was, I explained the whole situation with my niece who had just been there the day before and my nieces are memorable little girls being outgoing little twins that they are. So they recognized right away who I was talking about and they called out the girl who had worked on them. Girl was smoking, just 19 years old.

    I sat in the chair and just began lightweight gaming her, discussing my plans that night for the party and how I needed "pimpification" which always gets a laugh out of hairstylists, fashion store workers, etc.. "Hey girl, you got to help me! I'm in need of some serious pimpification!" Girls just eat it up. Launching DHV's, etc. Played it smooth, like I had huge standards on my looks, which I do and said "I tip very well, and if you do a good job I'll be back."

    The entire time several of the hairdressers were just watching us laugh and talk and joke around. I wish I could be a fly on the wall after I leave. I'd love to hear what these ladies have to say about me after I'm gone. It would make how to proceed so much easier. It's times like this I wish I had a hot female spy to stick around and after I leave broach me in conversation like "oh he's cute!" or something like that and tell me who reacted so I knew which hair stylist would be the most receptive to my advances.

    Anyway, so fast forward, I needed a cut yesterday before my Lay Date with HB9 from my other field report("The HB9 that Destroyed My Game") and so went back. Sure enough cutie was all about getting me in her chair for my trim and I mentioned how I needed a dye job.

    So I have an appointment with her this afternoon around 1pm and I'll have a good 30-45 minutes to really work on her. She has a boyfriend of course, not that it matters. But I think what I want is to work my way into her social circle and use her as a pivot to game all her amazingly hot friends.

    I'm trying to figure out a conversational approach to this. Obviously it'll involve exchanging facebook friendships but beyond that I'm coming up with a blank on how I can use this time to the most effect to insert myself into her social circle.

    I can see much of the conversation already. Finding out more details about her social life, what she likes to do. Establish some real rapport. She already thinks I'm cool as hell, so that won't be to difficult, but its figuring out how to actually move from "customer" relation into "personal" relation that has me stuck.

    If I had a huge social life, I would simply throw a big bash and invite her and as many friends as possible to it. But, alas, I really don't have much of a social life like that. My social life involves individual seductions, one at a time, and rarely do any of the girls I'm working on meet each other or my friends of which I actually have very few. So that is out.

    I have to find some kind of way of hanging out with her, but not sure how to approach that idea other than a general "hey we should get together and hang out, how bout I find you on facebook and we'll talk about it later" but that just seems so.. blah. I need something solid!

    I definitely don't want to go direct and blow it, as any mistake would blow me out of the entire salon and kill any chances at all. I have to do this right, so any ideas, suggestions would be a big help.

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    Default Re: My HB9 Hairstylist, need an "in"

    If you already DHVed which it sounds like you did, she should be open to your advances. Pivoting in a situation like this would take some work.

    If you had a party you could bring her and her friends out to that would be easy, but since that doesn't sound like an option you'll need to be more creative.

    I would create some situation that demonstrates Social Proof. You already DHVed but she may still be hung out about going out with you. Tell her a story about being out with friends or anything to suggest you are fun to be out with. Then, get her FB or number and suggest that you guys should meet up sometime.

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