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This isn't an inner game issue. This is evolutionary sexual selection. Thus, the push of Matt Ridley's The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature. Just like nature vs. nurture is both, inner game vs. outer game is both. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend it. It should literally be one of the first books you read after The Game.
I'm going to take a look thanks man.

For some of the others:

I really honestly tried to see this as an "inner game" issue and improve upon it. But when I pickup I'm a pretty analytical, emotionless person who doesn't consider all of these things. I'm still good looking..but every time a woman puts her arms around me they all say "You are too skinny! You need to eat!". I'm literally built like the guy one sees on a Men's Bathroom sign. A stick figure. We're not talking "thin" here. We're talking WAY thin. Like almost starvation thin despite weighing 175 lbs.

As long as I'm the only guy in the set things go fine. I can game. But at any point if a larger, more powerful male enters the set, you can see them turn off interest and shift it like a flashlight onto the new male instantly.

Can I get laid successfully? Absolutely, 7's-8's and maybe once a year an occasional 9. But above the 8.5 level, my body frame does become an impediment. I want to compete for the attention of truly hot bartenders, attorneys, doctors, etc. truly high value women here and those women barely give me the time of day.

In order to attain that kind of trim consistently is going to require me to put more effort into my body.

Thanks for the tips Mr. One Thousand. I'll be gulping down some peanut butter alot more in the future.