She said to me at the same time, she didn't know why she cared so much but as we were in a new relationship she didn't feel comfortable with one on one dinners. The only reason why i agreed was I would not want her going out one on one with another guy so didn't want her throwing it back in my face.

If I bring up the ex in this situation, she will say its very different. Shes not stopping me talking to other girls who are friends via text or phone and she is saying that shes not actually meeting up with him.

She had originally said she needed at some point to go back to collect all her stuff from his house (9 boxes) and would go with her mother. I told her to have it sent by fedex and i did not feel happy about her going there to personally collect it. Although no fedex has been arranged she has basically agreed not to go there personally.

I think the whole problem herre is that this relationship is really just so new and got so serious so quickly. Ie we have only known each other for 3 months.

I know when she comes back from her work trip she will have chatted via FB or text with her ex and what gets under my skin is if she says I miss you or calls him baby. (even if she says it purely plationic) She has promised not to call him baby anymore but even if I do glance at her phone and catch her out, I cant "bust" her on it as then she will be pissed I looked at her phone.

So we are back to trust and if I know shes broken that small rule, am I going to break up with her because just 3 months into a relationship she still calls her ex of four years baby. This is my dilema.