hey guys,

I need help responding to this message i got
from this cute red girl that i've known since end
of last year:

"sorry i've been busy getting ready for korea
also i can't hang around you anymore, im sorry if i gave you the impression that i was interested in you"

all i asked her on a prior facebook message was where she's been lately
and ended it with your friend, and then my name.

so i've known her since fall of last year, and approached her in my
chinese class we were taking at school. on the first interaction we had
she gave me a ride back home and i got her facebook and number too.
she's rather interesting.. big into arts and crafts, two years older than me
eclectic similar music tastes and interesting tattoos.. but completely straight

We hung out a bit in january and i always got the vibe of being very sweet
and friendly but somehow guarded and stuff. regarding my interactions with her
she was proud of the fact she was exploring buddhism and spirituality
but i did find a few contradictions in her personality

We went to karaoke
a few times with friends and then hung out again in march and april,
she invited me a few weekends to hang out with her friends, and
she did come over one time. The last interaction we had, about
3 weeks ago at a bar with karaoke, i felt that we had a really good rapport
and i was vibing well with her, to the point of her smiling and
hitting me on the arm. I also felt i touched well amongst other things.

I know she's leaving in a week to korea, and i didn't really intend on
making any big moves (nor kissing her.. ) as i have also been
hanging out with other girls right now. but yeah.. our last interaction
went well and from that same week she couldn't make a concert
i was going to and i sent her probably 3 texts and a facebook message
from the past 3 weeks till now.. finally she responds today
with that one.

I'm not sure how to respond to the text but i don't know what
she's probably thinking in the way it was expressed.