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    Default question about how the night went

    so for cinco de mayo i went to this mexican bar. this girl that i smashed, then stopped talking to for a while, then talked to her again and i told her i just wanted to be her friend(basically threw myself into the friendzone hoping she'd help me meet more girls). i had a text convo that went something like:

    Me:[Mexican Bar] tonight for cinco de get farked upo, be there or be square.

    Her: i will be!

    Me: hope you're ready, grown ass woman!

    Her: buy me a drink

    Me:what do i look like T-Pain?? LET ME TALK TO YA, LEMME BUY YOU A DRANK


    Her: it was worth a try lol

    Me: haha, i'll buy round 2

    Her: yay!

    so she ends up showing up at the bar, she comes and finds me and i mess with her about getting me a margarita, she didn't have any cash so i pointed out an atm to her and she went and got some. she comes back i talk to her friend, flirt/mess with the girl i'm "just friends" with . then some guy they knew came up and started talking, so i left them and whatnot and went back to my friends.

    so after a while i'm walking back, she kind of grabs me as i'm passing by and we start chatting again, i flirt/mess with her some more then went to the bathroom. i come back she's gone, so i wait about 45 mins and i text her:

    Me: you left?

    her: yea went to some other mexican restaurant because we were hungry, come join us!(and she sends me a video of all her food)

    Me: Nah, however that food looks amazing.

    Her:it's still on?

    Me: all night

    Her: no i mean at the bar

    Me: so did i....pervert

    bar closed

    Me: it's over, here, we are about to go to my place and play drinkin games if yall are down

    Her: we're at a partyyy

    Me: ight, have fun, ttyl

    i think i may have messed it up with the last 4 texts, but the night was going good. my question is, how did you think this night went if i planned on smashin again

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    Default Re: question about how the night went

    haha if you planned on smashing you should gone and smashed. She clearly wanted you so you're golden. Just set up another night like this but try to end up at the same party hahah.
    In life you get what you put into it.

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