I have not been touch with my ex for one and a half months. We broke up together and I haven't made any effort to get the relationship back, I told her not to talk. I completely forgot this whole thing but asked her to meet for a small talk and we did (it was a bit weird and embarrassing). In the past few days we have texted a lot about how we feel and I told her that I'm glad that we broke up but it would be a pitty to throw our great friendship and she agreed. We both told that right after the break up we hoped that we would get together later, but now it's over. We both agreed that we were a really good fit. I used a lot of cold reading on her and she liked it - she told me that how i know her so much after 4 months of relationship. I told her to meet tomorrow and she said it is alright. I am using 'let's be friends' technique, adding a lot of DHV and just be an attractive guy and I do not think I will end up in the friend zone, as I am quite good looking as well.

However, there are gossips that she is dating someone else. It is sure that she is seeing someone but I'm not sure what to think about it. It may be a rebound, it may be a potential boyfriend... How do you handle this situation? We are meeting for a coffee tomorrow.

[We also told each other some dating advice for the future when we start to date other people. So it is really looking like it is over, but displaying that you are a happy, fun and attractive man can work any time I guess]