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    Default Girl At Work, Did I Blow It?

    Here's the deal, I'm a 20 year old guy and it was my first day back to work since I left to go up to college, and I noticed this very pretty girl that started working there since I left. Throughout our shift, I kept catching her looking at me and we held eye contact for a couple seconds on a few occasions. At the end of my shift, when I was walking out, I said bye to her and she told me her name. Right when she told me her name, I blanked out. Seriously, as stupid as this sounds, I forgot my own name. When she told me her name the first time, I was like "What?" Then she said it again and I said "What?" again, and she said her name a third time and I smiled at her, but still couldn't remember my name, so I said "What?" again. Finally after the fourth time I finally came to and told her my name, she then said "Have a good night" and continued on with her work.

    I said "What?" three times, I felt like such an idiot in front of her it was ridiculous. I'm a pretty shy guy, but I never usually blank out like that when a girl talks to me, but she was that beautiful. After that, I kept telling myself "Wow, you're an idiot, you just completely blew your chance, now she thinks you're some awkward guy that can't talk to women." I'll work with her again sometime next week, so it's not like I won't see her again, but I feel like she thinks I'm an idiot now that I blanked out so hard like that. Did I just blow it with her, or am I overthinking this? I know, this sounds really pathetic, and to be honest, it is really pathetic, but I just needed to get that out and hopefully get an answer and some advice on how to make amends.
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    Default Re: Did I blow it with this girl?

    Haha, you're overthinking it man. I actually do this all the time.

    Apologize with a fake DLV then make her laugh. I use this a lot:

    "Hey, sorry about the other day. My mind just wouldn't stop, you know? I swear I'm going to become one of those old professors muttering to themselves as they walk around campus." She responds: blah blah. "Ok, alright, so we're gonna try this again. Hey, I'm _____."
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