Yeah so I have a long distance relationship with this HB9 I met. I have been doing push/pull very well and I really feel that I can act as if I'm a little less into her that she is into me. So far so good. Usually me and her have taken 1 day off connected to weekends so we have more time together. Its 2 hours drive and we usually go halfway each of us.

We have been going out seeing different places and experiencing things. she knows very much about her environment at home, things to see and good tourism spots. I am very amazed with the things she showed me and it feels like she has to work to get me "satisfied" so I usually reward her with showing appreciation if I see her working hard for my attention or to impress me.

She also does things like doing my laundry and general cleaning activities. I don't expect her to and from time to time I ask her if she needs any help. But sometimes I just let her do the thing because I know she wants to. I also told her that I don't really Expect her to do these things by herself all the time but that I appreciate when she does.

Overall the dynamic is working really well when we spend time with eachother. I try to avoid messages and SMS when we are apart for these days just to not have any misunderstandings. I just said as a preference that I rather speak by phone than send messages. Not in a very demanding way but she gets it.

Generally when we do something I tell her what I want to do. Like last time I said "let's do something where we both can just get away, like a mini-vacation" and she totally wanted to do the same thing so she said "Yeah well maybe I have some suggestions too, Ill think about it" so I thought that maybe I should just let her come with suggestions and it would be my thing to say "This suggestion is good, this is where I want to go for minivacation with you".

We are pretty much in a state where I can really feel like myself and be The man and she can be The woman. So I usually tell her before we meet that "I will make you feel like a woman" when she comes and I can feel she appreciates it a lot. What that really means is some light dominance physically (pulling her into me and kissing her and stuff like that, ravishing etc) and just at all times trying to lead things. Although I throw her in sometimes like “Yeah so what do you feel like?”. Sometimes I give her advice about life when we talk or not really advice but I tell subtly how I would have done in say some situation that she tells me about.

When I think about it.. I only commented her looks Once. I said that I liked her eyes. I never told her she was beautiful. Oh and I usually spank her butt and smile and I know she appreciates this

Oh and always in long distance relationships, it's always this about telephone call dynamics. I read through and some people say every day and some people say every other call with eachother and some people say just don't call. She is afterall a HB9 and she had guys wanting to pick her up all the time so I do want to keep in touch regularly so I don't start popping out of her mind after some time. But which way would really be the way to go?

Speaking out of game and pua, what kind of frequency would be the right thing? Should I tell her everytime I call her that "You call me the next time, I'll wait". I tried this already and she said a little teasingly "Yeaahh you will wait? Mwahaha" and I was pretty stoneface and I said "Yeah, I will wait." and I noticed how she just got serious in the other end and was like "Yeah... okay". (she sent me a message the day after btw on facebook so I think it was a win-thing)

Also theres this thing about keeping the fire going all the time. Any suggestions? It's so amazing I really feel like if I am being myself all the time it just works great with this chick. I would like to know some things that I should avoid when really having a relationship to not go AFC or "get lazy and boring".

She really brought up that she wanted a relationship with me the last time we met and I was like "Yeah girl you should know that we have only known eachother for x time, but I do enjoy your company and I do feel something, so yeah, I Could have a relationship with you." The whole thing turned to a oneitis for me and it feels like its mutual. Of course I approved to a relationship!

One thing I’m apparently not doing is acting as what she calls “an emotional person”. She wants to know me as an “emotional person” and see some bad sides of me or see me depressed and things like this. Is this a sh1t test or something I could loosen up with, like showing her extreme emotions? Because I really can control emotions very well. And that’s somehow Alpha but also not being afraid to show emotions is also alpha?

What tips do you have, folks? Am I being led to something that's actually pretty loose and it could make me fall so hard, or is this really going somewhere to be a perfect relationship? What room for mistakes do I have? Is the game somewhat more off now with push and pulls, just throwing them in sometimes, or do I always have to be hardcore teasing her and acting alpha, working for maintaining attraction? Can I actually just chill out and stop overthinking/analyzing at this point and Really just be myself all the time without much "planned" gaming?

Or you can just tell me I'm being awesome with her and I have nothing to worry about and cheer me on!