Hey there, I'm new and I think its great that there are so many men out there willing to help. Anyway, I'm unique in that i have an afro. Now this isnt just any fro its extremely currly and I've never seen another in real life that is comparable. If you need an idea of what it looks like search corbin bleu on google. In fact people sometimes call me by his name. When i go out to clubs i get noticed in a positive way. With this many girls and even some drunk guys want to touch my fro. Heres where i have trouble, i really have no idea how to react when a girl or group of girls comes up and wants to touch my hair. Sometimes ill say sure, they'll touch and walk away other times i say no and get frowns. Ther times they'll accuse me of weaing a wig to the club and calling it fake leading me to prove that its real. What should i do in these situations for the best results like getting numbers, dancing with them or better?