I met this girl last Wednesday and I could tell she was attracted. Her friend backed out of going out but she still came out with me Friday. Well I had a little to much to drink when we went to the second bar and I don't think it went well after that. I could tell by her body language that she was sexually attracted to me. She touched me, all that stuff. I texted her the next day than Monday but never texted me back.

Well I finally seen her today and said "hey when are we going to workout" and she's like yeah I forgot something along those lines. Well I could tell she wasn't as attracted to me as before and she said "you need to be more self confident" but she did agree to go work out.

Well this girl is fun and I like her anyway I can rekindle that spark again? I will see her in the morning and what should I do when I approach her? I should right? I mean I think the way she sounded she was on the fence about me... That there could still be a possibility but I think I'd have to play the cards right. I mean the way she sounded there is a slight chance I could win her back.