Ok guys,

So i have been on 5 dates with this girl who i spoke to for ages on facebook/texting for months prior to the dates. This is what we have done on each date; drinks in a bar with k-close/casual coffee with k-close/A huge shopping centre for a movie and drinks, we were holding hands, touching, kissing, basically felt like we were a couple/Her place, i cooked and we 'watched' a movie, we were all over each other, all night - no f-close her parents were home and finally the 5th date was just the cinema ( sunday afternoon, f-*** all to do )

Now, we really need to progress to the next step, we are extremely comfortable with each other now, relaxed, know enough about each other etc etc etc.

My questions are:

I have brought up the next date to her prior to the date, not in a cheesy way or right after, of course. I have a massive feeling to ask her again as its obvious that it's what we both want, but i want her to ask me to show that she wants to see me again and is into me, but it p-isses me off that I should have to do all the asking. good idea? - I hope you see my viewpoint on that btw.

Secondly, I am thinking of going to Manchester for drinks at night time and maybe stay over in a nice hotel.. sound a good idea?

Your views are welcomed, guys.

- A