Hey all, first post though I've lurked a bit the last few months. Owe a huge debt of gratitude to the pua community, the advice here has been priceless. As a semi-natural (having been married to a hb8 for 5+ years, before realizing we hated each other), I was just looking for a bit of a new edge to my game after getting out of a ltr. The help from this community has been extremely appreciated in that regard.

But, I need some advice on a specific girl, and my friends (none of which know pua) haven't been much help. She's a teller at a bank that I only have once-a-month business at, she's also at least a decade younger than myself. But we have a great rapport, and I know I've built up some attraction (tons of ioi's). Before finding pua I had avoided dating girls that young, but now realize that may not be too smart.

Figured I would go for a # or coffee close the next time I saw her. The problem is that I haven't seen her in a month now, did my business there today and she wasn't around. Plus, maybe she moved to the drive-through, which makes it even tougher to interact with her.

So how should I go about approaching her? My initial thought was just to go up to the little drive-through building, knock on the door and ask to speak to her. But I'm not sure of the security procedures around those places, and I'm also pretty sure she has a bf so I'd rather keep it discreet around her co-workers. My friends suggestions were pretty much just to wait for her after work (stalking her first to find out when that is, haha) or trying to drive by just as she's walking to her car and try to play it off casually (even though she knows my truck and would probably see me driving down that little-used side-street a lot while trying to catch her). Also thought of opening a personal account at that bank, but I do all my personal banking online, no real reason to go stand in a line at a physical location or hit the drive-thru (or should I, and just re-deposit $ pulled from an atm?).

My other option is that I found her on facebook, though I don't have a profile there and don't care to. Took a few moments of searching since I didn't know her last name, but quickly found her. Kinda creepy to contact her that way though, I would think, especially since I would have a blank profile myself.

This isn't one-itis, I'm still approaching and pursuing others. But she just has that spark/energy/spirit, whatever you want to call it; she's the one that haunts me at night. Part of me still thinks she may be more trouble than she's worth, especially considering our age difference (I'm in my mid 30's). A real relationship may not work, but we could still have a lot of fun, and I'm certainly willing to give it a try!

My main concern is that the attraction I've built is fading, or her relationship with her bf is getting stronger, while I'm trying to figure out how to talk to her in another non-creepy way. Plus, obviously, I just want to get to know her better asap. At this point I've pretty much just resigned myself to waiting another month to try again, and keep moving forward with my normal routine. But I'll take ideas on how I could approach her earlier! Or advice on the above approaches.

Any and all replies are appreciated, thanks for reading.