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    Default Need help with "nice" girl, date scheduled

    Hey new to the forums, so not sure whether this is the correct place to post this but I guess ill learn on the way...

    Cliffs on life:

    - Incredibly "backward" with females, never had much of a problem talking/getting along with them, just the constant fear of rejection leads me to just continue joking around/chatting and not trying to move it in a sexual direction.

    - Read/studied the game. I am probably an above average opener, this resulted in going home with meeting lots of girls, Although I wasn't getting any action (I mean id be kissing them,etc but the fear of getting rejected holds me back from trying for more) I'm aware this probably sounds stupid.

    - Got lazy and stopped studying the game, unsure of the real reasons why, as the results where good. Started approaching/hanging out with slutty girls as they made it so easy in the bedroom.

    - been hanging about with a girl from work, ive known her for around 6 months so talking to her is no problem, shes a girl id actually quite like to spend time with, so after meeting her out on a few nights out and now knowing that shes interested, Ive asked her out on a date.

    Ive decided that I want to start having relationships. Deciding to venture back into the world of pick up to try to help me along the way.

    I'm looking for advice on how to switch the conversation/mood from a happy/funny environment to one of a sexual nature(id feel fairly uncomfortable discussing actual sex with her if this helps?) Ive been looking up some kino to help me but thought some of you guys would give me some more advice?

    Ive already been back to hers once and although I stayed in her bed nothing happened, I'm afraid if this happens again she might get bored.

    sorry if TLDR.


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    Default Re: Need help with "nice" girl, date scheduled

    I don't have a lot of specifics, but here's what I know

    If you stay in her bed again, kiss her. Doesn't even have to be the best executed plan, no matter what if you're there just do it she will go for it I promise

    You have to work on teasing and challenging her. Put her on a point system maybe, oh bad move you lose 2 points, or high five you just earned 3 points. Prod her shoulder, high five, put your arm around her just for a second when she does something cool, like "oh that was awesome you're not that bad", then release.

    You have to break the touch barrier (kino) from the get go

    Once you get used to this it gets easier

    And if you totally bomb, when you're laying in bed, force yourself to kiss her. Put your hand on her face, pull her in, and start. She will accept
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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