Ok so i'm hella cool with everyone at my job(clients and co-workers alike); and we got this somewhat new girl recently and as i predicted the boys were hitting on her immediately. I've thought nothing of her because day one she told me she had a boyfriend(so i was like "oh well on to the next one")

But recently I've been getting IOI's left and right with her(when talking to her she plays with her hair in front of me(we all know its a obvious IOI), playfully pushing her hips into mine to move me out the way(when i'm not even facing towards her) direct and indirect IOI's.

i havent ruled out she's just being friendly and nice but it just seems to weird with her being my co-worker and having a boyfriend.

So let's say i do decided to turn and start gaming this chick how should i go about this

ever little bit helps. thxs.