back story, she's my coworker and we've been texting/talking for more for a few days lately

Yeah - total newbie at this (mind you I used to be a lot worst )

her: dudeee, i wanna hang out in your spa, but with your work schedule your never free me

10 mins later

me: weekends are always good

30 mins later

Just wanna know, are you interested in me or not at all and would only want us to be friends/neighbors

30 mins later

(bad response probably - I was hella confused as to what I should reply there, but thinking about it - i probably shouldnt of confirmed her doubts - but what the hell should have I responded with ?)

me: Interested perhaps , I figure we could be friend and see where it leads us.. I have plenty of neighbors, so that isn't sufficient

Hour and a half later

ok well, im I'n a relationship and I don't want to cheat on him but I find you cool and would like for us to chill in your spa

30 secs later

I could chill with you even tho I find you handsome but I don't know if that works for you too ? Hope so.

As she texted this way into the night - I havent replied yet (obvious excuse that I passed out will be used lol)

What do you guys get from this ?

This is what I get

- She mentions a BF - actually she never mentioned a BF, she said she's in a relationship (this is the first time she mentions this)
- want to hang in the spa with a guy(of all places really..) to 'chill' when she has a BF
- Calls me handsome (is that a serious qualification or is she just throwing that out as an excuse to smoothly cut out any potential advance)

What I am not sure

- is this a sh1t test ? ( I dont know if she has a boyfriend)
- Is she simply throwing around an excuse
- I am usually wary of the words 'nice' or 'cool' (they are overly neutral - friend zone type of neutral), however handsome is usually not a word that I am wary of.

Am I trying to read into this too much ?

and finally, what do I reply.

And yeah, i think the friend part was particularly bad, who am I kidding, i dont want to be her friend. It sounds mega creampuff.