I'll try to keep this short and sweet, I just joined up for this even though I rarely ever post on forums.

I'm 19 years old and am currently in Taiwan with my two best friends and we're all looking for a good time at various clubs in Taipei. Anyways. Last week I discovered how much fun dancing is, and that as long as your having fun, you probably look like a fun person. So, working with this theory, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I took my act to the very front of the stage every night, and had a fucking blast.

This is what happened on each night:

On Friday I showed up to the club and had a couple shots to loosen up, then I hit the dance floor. I was having a blast going crazy with the music right in front of the stage. At one point, I realized the fucking DANCERS at the club had taken their act and grouped up RIGHT behind and RIGHT next to me on stage (not to pull me on stage but definitely trying to involve/interact/spotlight me somehow). I gave the girl in front of the group who was squatting low to the floor some horns palm down and stuck my tongue out, she responded by giving me horns back, and started dancing half squatted with her hands on her hips (directly facing and in front of me). At this point I put both hands on her waist and "guide" her waist up and down two or three times while mimicking her bodies "serpentine" motions myself.

Sorry if this is really weird to understand, theres probably a word for the way she was dancing but I hope you all can visualize what I'm saying. (but this isnt even that important)

Anyways. The contact was very short, and I broke it in the interest of giving myself what I hope was a huge DHV. I turned away from the dancer and went back to going nuts. I noticed girls throughout the crowd around me watching me dance really often. Occasionally I would catch some girls eyes and they would look to their friends and giggle/smile very obviously. I like to think they didnt come over and dance because they were too shy. Anyways, at some point a group of girls did come close and one of the girls went crazy grinding with me, enough that it even covered up that I suck at it. I started making out with her almost as soon as I'd turned her around to grind from the front. I took her back to the bar and we proceeded to make out for awhile, and her friends seemed extremely excited for their friend and even told us to have fun tonight. I didnt have money for a hotel so I didnt take her home, but I did _ her at the bar. Best of the three, different club from the second two nights.


Nothing special happens tonight. When I dance I try to involve everyone. People who are at the edge of the crowd near me I'll pull in or encourage to dance, even guys. I figure that when girls see me dancing with other guys they feel much more comfortable getting close to me, and the whole area starts having loads of fun. Sets of girls dance fairly close to me, and I get close to being inbetween them and try to hype them up while dancing at the same time, knowing they've been paying attention to me. At this point, it would be very easy for me to start grinding with these girls, who are usually in sets of 2 or 3. However, when I do start grinding with girls, I fall out of sync with the girl fairly quickly and feign disinterest by quickly breaking off the grind and going back to dancing on my own, usually without further comment. This is my problem. No girls tonight, lots of fun, but no girls.


Similar to Saturday. One of the sets of girls near me who I approach to dance closer gets "saved" by some guys who step in and gesture that they're with them. Though I'm pretty sure the girls wanted to disagree. Whatever. I was there for fun so I just went back to dancing. Another set of girls didnt seem to want to come back to my table for drinks, though they stuck around even after the second time I'd asked them to join me for a break, and continued to interact with me on the dancefloor (but not through grinding). And yet another set of girls I try to grind with one of them but shortly after my terrible attempt at grinding they leave. I know there are other girls out in the crowd who are paying attention to me, but its hard to find a moment to catch their eyes and gesture them out, while still feigning PUA status.

So there it is. I may have lost of fun and lots of opportunities, but I seem to miss them every time. I guess I'm just not sure how to really stick a girl out there once I've got her attention. Or maybe I'm too much of a pussy (though I definitely dont suffer from approach anxiety. Whenever I dont go up to a girl to grind her I do so because I think I'll just fuck up whatever I had going. They always let me start grinding them, but I end up backing off after we fall out of sync. Its weird to me because I KNOW I have a very good sense of rythm/beat, and I KNOW I can keep time. I think I tend to lose girls when a song gets very fast or they start doing something beyond the simple figure eight motion.

Maybe someone has a video that can help me, or advice they can offer that I havnt heard yet, so here goes.